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There is an article in the June Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. Two retained mandibular primary incisors are replaced with an implant following limited orthodontic treatment. Though the entire dentition is not shown as the orthodontic treatment was a compromised, the final completed implant is the most aesthetic lower incisor I have ever seen in 38 years as a board certified orthodontist, who has been involved in many multidisciplinary treatment plans. Ken Hrechka Past President - College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics


Sergio, Just a short note to also thank you for all you do for us, dentally. It is worth the travel to know that we are getting the best care possible. Thank you.

Jean and Kei

Dear Dr. Rubinstein, Thank you very much for the beautiful flower basket. It brightened my evening as a I prepared my closing argument for the conclusion of my trial. I greatly appreciate the responsiveness of you and your staff get me treatment with Periodontist so rapidly that I could proceed with my trail. Your level of care for me and Maria is extraordinary and greatly appreciated.

Gerry and Maria

Dr. Rubinstein and everyone at DRC, You all make up a truly one-of-a-kind office. Thank you for consistently going above + beyond in everything that you do. I am so grateful to be a patient of yours. You guys are the BEST!

Lizzie B

Thank you for all your care and attention to my “2-front teeth”. I again want to share my gratitude for all you do for me. Best wishes.


Thank you for your kindness, empathy, thorough approach. You and your office staff have been very helpful in a variety of ways. I greatly appreciate it! You have given me hope that my teeth will look well enough where I will feel comfortable smiling one again. My gums already look better.


Look no further, you have found the BEST Dentist right here. Originally, I was going to go to ClearChoice. Huge mistake narrowly averted. To my immeasurable good fortune, just before I was going to have all of my upper teeth (including 10 perfectly healthy teeth) pulled and a Noble All-On-Four implant installed, I was referred to Dr. Sergio Rubenstein, for a second opinion, he saved me from the disaster called ClearChoice. He orchestrated and navigated a five year voyage that included the Orthodontist to correct my bite, the Periodontist who removed my wisdom and the other teeth and he made sure the implants I needed were installed and positioned correctly. He aims for and achieves perfection with painless ease. It doesn't get any better then Dr. Rubenstein and his courteous, friendly staff. They taught me proper oral hygiene and treat their patients like family. I will for the rest of my life, be forever indebted to Dr. Rubenstein, for turning a r usty old car into showroom new, like magic. I no longer have to smile with my mouth closed or be embarrassed by my teeth. When I die, I want my headstone to read, "Thanks to Dr. Rubenstein, he had a beautiful smile and perfect, pearly white teeth."

Scott A

I have nothing but positive things to say about this practice. I've been going here for years, and they are as good as it gets.

Right when you walk in they make you feel at home, asking what they can bring you to make you more comfortable. Also, although I only go in a handful of times a year, they recognize me on sight, and that isn't something that happens places often, and really shows you how they value you as a patient.

I'm the sort of person who gets very nervous about procedures and asks a lot of questions, so Dr. Rubinstein scores big points with me. He's extremely knowledgeable, but also very patient when it comes to questions and concerns, giving great explanations and analogies for the procedures, putting me at ease.

The quality of work I have received has been excellent, exceeding all expectations. I smile a lot more now.

Joe S.

Fabulous new facility, great staff and Dr. Rubinstein is amazing. I do not like going to the dentist but this practice and doctor are incredible. My wife found the practice through a referral from her ophthalmologist. I was skeptical, but after I almost fell asleep during an hour and a half filling replacement, I am a fan! I still can’t say that I love going to the dentist, but now I know that it will be comfortable experience. I am looking forward to visiting Dr. Rubinstein for years to come.


A note of thanks to let you know that the bridge you placed over my new implants feels like has always been there. The precision of your work never ceases to amaze me! I am so grateful to be under your skilled and thoughtful care. Let me also applaud the responsiveness of your staff. Every interaction with your practice is such a pleasure!


This world needs more people like who are willing to leave things a little better than they found them, people willing to put all selfishness aside to do a kind thing because they know it will make a difference someday to someone. Thank you for everything.


Thank you so much for being such an amazing dentist. I appreciate your expert skills, concern for my comfort, attention to details, and especially your patience. I know it has taken me a while to do this work! i am very happy with the final teeth and will do my best to keep them in good shape. You are a good friend, Dr. Rubinstein, and value all your advice throughout this process (which you made very easy 😉 ). Sorry for all my questions and nerves :). thank you also for the delicious tea - I love it! I have enjoyed several cups a day since you gave it to me. Truly a perfect gift.


The staff at Dental Reconstruction Center were amazing regarding my dental emergency. My dentist was on vacation when I had a dental emergency and they were extremely kind and helpful in working me into Dr. Leonard's schedule that afternoon. I was impressed with the professionalism and choices that Dr. Leonard provided to me. He personally set up an appointment with a specialist that afternoon for me so that I might be able to begin the next steps in my treatment. My experience could not have been more stellar. I truly thank the staff and Dr. Leonard for helping me in my time of need and making the experience seamless. They are the best!!!