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Scott A

Look no further, you have found the BEST Dentist right here. Originally, I was going to go to ClearChoice. Huge mistake narrowly averted. To my immeasurable good fortune, just before I was going to have all of my upper teeth (including 10 perfectly healthy teeth) pulled and a Noble All-On-Four implant installed, I was referred to Dr. Sergio Rubenstein, for a second opinion, he saved me from the disaster called ClearChoice. He orchestrated and navigated a five year voyage that included the Orthodontist to correct my bite, the Periodontist who removed my wisdom and the other teeth and he made sure the implants I needed were installed and positioned correctly. He aims for and achieves perfection with painless ease. It doesn't get any better then Dr. Rubenstein and his courteous, friendly staff. They taught me proper oral hygiene and treat their patients like family. I will for the rest of my life, be forever indebted to Dr. Rubenstein, for turning a r usty old car into showroom new, like magic. I no longer have to smile with my mouth closed or be embarrassed by my teeth. When I die, I want my headstone to read, "Thanks to Dr. Rubenstein, he had a beautiful smile and perfect, pearly white teeth."