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On-Site Laboratory

We are proud to have the ability to operate our own laboratory. Maintaining our own on-site lab allows us to provide a unique level of quality control and to offer the best possible restorative results for our patients. We understand and value the art involved in dental restorations and how we can more efficiently communicate these artistic details that may otherwise be lost.

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Master Ceramist

Toshiyuki Fujiki, RTD has been with the practice since 1996. He has several publications and has given lectures internationally. His knowledge of dental anatomy and trained eye for shade selection gives our porcelain restorations an unmatched vitality that makes porcelain come to life in the mouth. Toshi’s works side by side with Dr. Rubinstein enable our practice to provide the excellence patients have come to expect through our reputation.

Removable Prosthodontic Laboratory Technician

Orly Farouz has worked with Dr. Rubinstein since 1992. While Orly multitasks at our office as a dental assistant, she has an exceptional artistic ability to create outstanding wax ups that help us created beautiful provisionals and custom cosmetic dentures.