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Placing the teeth in the correct position can be critical for an optimum outcome, regardless of teeth requiring or not a restoration. An individualized specific treatment plan is essential for achieving a long lasting healthy, esthetic, and functional results. Patients are referred to our office because of our knowledge, vision and dedication to provide patients with the best results, keeping in mind short and long term objectives.

When Invisalign® is used, we always customize the treatment plan for optimal results. In many instances, orthodontic treatment is required when patients require periodontal and or prosthetic treatment plan. Team goals created with our orthodontic colleagues enables us to provide our patients with the best possible results.

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INV Provider

Invisalign takes a contemporary approach to straightening teeth by using a custom-made computer design series of aligners created exclusively for you. These aligner trays are made of smooth and translucent plastic that you wear over your teeth. The practically undistinguishable plastic material makes it easy to carry on daily tasks without anyone knowing you are in the process to having straight, beautiful teeth!